Thursday, January 22, 2009

Safe Inside

Safe Inside - Zerocalcare

open season

I'm going to get a rating out of the way first. Four stars.

Remember my last review where I congratulated Dan for giving me a complete lead-in to the plot?
Well now I'm back to reviewing comics that don't properly negotiate the 8 page limit.
Some plot is revealed but I didn't find it particularly interesting. Too many mysteries.
Since I've only got 8 pages I'd prefer to have a better handle on what's happening.

I blame Wolverine.
Don't ask me for an explanation. I'm not sure I'm making sense, I just have a major dislike for adamantium right now.

But that's really the only bad thing I have to say about a submission that is very professional looking. Maybe they make artists tougher in Italy or something but I feel like I'm being suckered by a professional artist who decided to slum it. Look at the officer in the final panel of page 5. Pictured from above and from a distance which works together with the dialog 'wait for her colleagues' to emphasize the fact that she's on her own.
This leads in beautifully to the molotov cocktail being served on the next page.
Then the tomato sauce scene provides a memorable segue into the introduction of two new characters.
Zero understands your eyes and he's speaking to them. Pay attention!


RKB said...

true enough, but still.... zombies.
At least the promise of them, is a killer of interest for me.

Paul said...

sometimes I daydream about putting zombies in my story, but it's always a vanity project in my mind.

the challenge as i see it is to do a story with zombies in it that DOESN'T bore people.

Or vampires, or ninjas.

But not pirates. Pirates are still pretty awesome.