Sunday, January 11, 2009

Legacy of the Wanderer

Legacy of the Wanderer - Mark Cecere and Randy Humphries

Lack of one key piece of information = potentially interesting
Lack of almost any information at all = lose

What have we learned after reading 8 pages?
There's a buff dude with tats and a mohawk who likes to sleep on the beach and make poses when he wakes up.
There's an evil dude who we know is evil cause he had a messenger killed. Oooooh! Evil!
There's a bat-man who also likes to pose who gets more face time than anyone else in the comic only to be killed off screen.
There's a wordy narrator of unknown significance who knows that the evil guy was amused by the bat-man's request. How does he know this? Who is he relating this story to? Did he interview the evil guy after the 'adventure' was over? There has to be some kind of a persona behind this narration. Just another confusing story thread hanging out there.

There's so much to pick at but I don't have the heart for it cause I really like the way it looks. And it's not as if we've run out of hope on the story. Lack of information is admittedly better than contradictions.

There's still a chance that page 9 would introduce our narrator and page 10 would establish something about mohawk guy's character. Then page 11 could present the spark that creates the conflict.
Too bad Zuda is only 8 pages.

3 of 5 for the pleasant art.

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