Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Devil's Cross

The Devil's Cross is the lucky recipient of my 'gonna be a daddy' review.

Five stars for a big bastard dressed all in black plate with a huge sword.
He's here to rape and pillage presumably and that's pretty awesome. Skulls are awesome and dead peasants are awesome and there's plenty of both here. The horse breathes fire and has fire for feet and that's pretty fucking awesome too.

Sorry if you expected more criticism. I'm not filled with any tonight.


Anonymous said...

Five stars?

mpd57 said...

Your best review yet. Sorta!

Paul said...

yeah! why the hell not! I figure so much effort was put into being awesome so why not reward it?

Of course I realize that it goes in the face of many of the standards that I've held other entries to but how seriously must I take myself?

I think everyone understands that I'm in a great mood and that it's not being compared directly to the other comics I've reviewed.