Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lifespan - Shannon Cronin and Christopher Steininger

Hey! The narrator is identified!
OMG I'd almost give 4 stars for that alone!

I'll give it a four anyways.

Now I've never seen Logan's Run but if I'm not mistaken that movie and this entry are birthed from a similar idea. Everything works well and there's not much negative I can say here.

All the same I'm lukewarm.
I'm not satisfied with the back-story. I mean I'm not sure if I buy the explanation that the U.S. public would ever accept the program.
I suppose I could exercise my suspension of disbelief or accept it as a commentary on the creators beliefs about the nature of U.S. political system or the greediness of Americans or... something....

But it really doesn't speak to me that way so I hope we can settle on a good rating and an endorsement.
I approve of this comic.

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