Saturday, January 24, 2009

Should I stick to the comics?

I really can't tell. The way I figure as long as the Zuda reviews are consistent it shouldn't matter if I throw in random other stuff.
If stuff like the following is hurting the core mission I'd like to hear about it.

Steelers - The big show is about a week away. Here's a report on how to beat Pittsburgh.

-Philly beat us by blitzing the crap out of us.
-The Giants beat us by forcing 4 turnovers. (committed none)
-The Colts beat us by forcing 3 turnovers. (committed none)
-The Titans beat us by forcing 4 turnovers. (committed none)

Here's some supporting information from the postseason thus far.
The Steelers won both games they've played with a 2 or 3 turnover advantage.
The Cardinals won all three games they've played with a 2-5 turnover advantage.

There's a trend forming here. I know it's not the sexy sort of analysis that your national pundits might feed you in the coming week but it's probably the most accurate thing you'll hear.
Most likely the Cardinals best chance to win this game is to force the Steelers into turnovers while not committing any themselves.

Compelling right?

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