Sunday, January 18, 2009


Maladroits - Glen Walker

But there's a second name credited, so middlenameboom and daskouni are your creators. Which one is Glen? Who is the mysterious second creator?
The world may never know.

I liked this quite a lot.
Is a very good comic but I wouldn't be a critic if I didn't harp on something bad.

I don't like the photo in panel one. Even doctored up it looked out of place.
Page 2 panel 1. Flip it. The eye follows the direction of his walk off the page. Also would work better for staging since we have him sitting on count's right.
Page 6, the middle Bro's shirt color changed. I didn't like that.

And there's no sign of the story. This is a nice vignette. I enjoyed this glimpse into their world.
But there's not much in the way of desire or conflict or any of the things that might keep me invested. Where is 'the spark' of story?

Still this is on the higher end of my 3 star scale. If you haven't been reading me much I know that 3 sounds like a crap rating but honestly most of the entries get it. The simple color scheme works and it's pleasant to look at. I like the facial expressions. I'm sorry that the opportunity was missed to depict a 'bro' with popped collar. That would've been cool.

I can guess from the rank and the Italian competition that this won't be Glen's (and friend's) month so I hope he comes back soon.

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