Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who said you're qualified to review anything?!?

I know. I'm a poseur.
But please allow me to explain myself.

When I post a review the primary beneficiary is myself. I learn by observing the work of others.
The secondary beneficiary is the creator I'm reviewing, if he allows himself to learn from my opinions.
My opinions are no more valuable than anyone's by the way.
The tertiary beneficiary is the community itself. The process of evaluation lends an air of legitimacy to art.
You the reader are the quaternary beneficiary if you enjoy the reviews.

To sum this up, everybody has something to gain. Some of the gains are dependent on other factors, but I do what I can to help everybody derive maximum benefit from this exercise.

In terms of qualifications I have.... not much.
I have been doodling for most of my 29 years, have taken a few art classes, and I've read a lot.
But in my defense, I've been diligent about filling in the gaps in my knowledge.

If you're still on board, look forward to the new month of reviews. Coming Soon!

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Anonymous said...

Don't be dissuaded by the people that tell you that you're not blogging in your personal blog right.