Monday, December 29, 2008

Non-Exertus 12

Non-Exertus 12 - Spencer Platt

Exertus - tested, tried, approved, experienced
I had to look that up. I guess the title means inexperienced in this case?

I want to complain about the framing of the shots. The camera is almost always tighter than I'm comfortable with. This would've worked great for quiet tense moments like in a horror movie but not so much here where you've got complex actions to depict.

It took multiple reads before I had an idea what's going on, and I don't like ambiguity.

I do like the character work. I like the plane on page 5, panel 4. That's a case of tight framing that I DO like, though having those two rough-housing behind the tail isn't good.
That could've been a 5 star panel if only it had been wider so that their scuffling could be framed better.

The colors are just decent, he's not doing himself any favors with it but it's pleasant enough. I think the light sourcing problems have not been adequately addressed in regards to the blue glow of the hoverboards. It's colored as if the entire under-surface is uniformly glowing and it's glowing pretty bright so there should be greater contrast in the vicinity of the bright light source. I'm not seeing it. Check out page 8, final panel. The one hoverboard is shining directly at us, the other hoverboard is facing away. The one that's facing away should be much darker against the bright background.

Just my opinion.

I think we've got a decent entry here. 3 out of 5.

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