Friday, December 19, 2008


The winner (of my vote) - Hellbreak by Radek Smektala and Janusz Ordon.

I've been through quite a long stretch of watching my favorite comics finish mid-pack (or worse) and I guess December of 08 will continue this trend.

First thing, I'm not drawn to the demons or hell or anything like that. Usually it's the opposite in fact. My first impression of this when I saw the title was to think that I'm going to hate it.

But then I read all the other entries and I realized that this one appealed most by just a smidge. I think it's not so much a case of what they did right, but maybe a demonstration of what they didn't do wrong.

No clunky dialog, no unnecessary narration, interesting visuals etc...
Only thing I would've changed is the font for 'Famous last words'. Took me out of the story when I had to decipher the identity of the speaker.

Not really sure about keeping my interest. Hell has been (so far) relatively sparsely illustrated and I believe that in this sort of a story the location should be as well developed as the characters. Oh well. Not likely to win a top spot this month. Hope to see more from this team in the future.

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Cuervoscuro - Abraham Martinez Azuara said...

I voted for "Hellbreak", sadly, today is 29th and it's on 4th place :(