Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Accountants

The Accountants - Rob Osborne

Best entry this month.
Not getting my vote.

I have very little to criticize. It's really quite good.

1. Tangents. The linework looks great but the style he's using seems highly susceptible to panel to panel tangents.
2. I can't get into the animal suits, even if they're metaphorical I dislike them immensely.

Other than that it's a solid 4 star. It's a good trailer, a nice vignette. Not much in the way of character driven story but it all rings true and heck, 8 pages isn't a lot to work with so this is the safest course to take.
I like character pieces, so I wonder if there might have been a way to finish the character moment. Burt says he wants to retire to Mexico right? That's half-way there. He told us he's tired, now play with that idea.

As is, it's just kind of floating out there. Unresolved. It gives me some hope that resolution will be forthcoming so that's a plus, but finding a way to fit a hint of where his character journey might lead might have clinched a vote from me.
Yes, even in spite of the animal suits.

-Burt is contradicting himself. He's saying he's tired but make it obvious that he's really enjoying his job. Is he a closet sociopath?
-Burt is hiding something. He does something sneaky that even his partner doesn't know about. Does he actually have a plot in motion to get him to Mexico?
-His partner is hiding something. Same deal, but in reverse.

I don't know where Mr. Osborne is going with this and given the quality of the entry I wouldn't be surprised if he's got better ideas than these for the future plot direction. I just wish we'd gotten a little bit more as readers.

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nightcrawler said...

Thanks for taking the time to post a review. I assure you there is a master plan and the kinks have been worked out. While it is apparent that we did not win, Chuck and I will be continuing Triboro Tales.

Stick around, I promise you it gets smoother and less claustophobic.