Sunday, December 7, 2008

Angus Frump Kills Christmas

Angus Frump Kills Christmas - Steven Bialik

Another second time competitor but a HUGE departure from his first entry 'Janggar - Son of the Steppe'. I liked Janggar alright but I feel as if Mr. Bialik has 'steppe'd his game up for this second entry.
Transformation, Maturation, possibly Discovery are the plots suggested by the Plot-O-Matic. It's a good start, a good premise to build from and bonus points for avoiding Zombies, Ninjas, Pirates, and Robots.
It being a 'humor' entry I'm happy to note that there's a few jokes in there that are pretty funny but I think that he may be aiming over the audiences' head by tapping T.J. Hooker for jokes.
I also have to ask why most of the characters have been outlined in white? It makes everything look like a cardboard cutout (not that there's anything wrong with that) and it's pretty distracting. I don't think Mr. Bialik wants to draw us out of the story like that.

I like this enough to think about giving up a four star but ultimately I just can't. The visuals work well enough but there's nothing that pops. Still the best entry thus far and I'm thinking about sending my vote this way.
Three out of five stars.

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Steve Steiner said...

so far we both agree with 3 out of 5 stars for these competitors. very strange but i'm glad i'm not alone. I'll be back to see what you say about the accountants.