Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bleed review

Bleed - Adam Atherton and HarleyQuinn

I'd like to start you out with a little bit of Erasure. No reason really. In fact have another!
If you have Sirius (or XM or whatever) you should listen to the Rick Dees top 40 reruns some time, it's great to put yourself in the 80s state of mind.
Of course if you weren't alive in the 80s this probably doesn't apply to you.

Now for the main event. The comic is well told but it's not much more than a vignette. I LIKE vignettes but I'm disappointed that we didn't get any deeper than this. The perils of 8 pages.
I'm reminded of Brave Ulysses. In the case of Brave Ulysses I was seeing a fully colored sci-fi world in a style that appealed greatly to me and I was able to forgive the fact that Ulysses didn't show his face much.

I'm torn on the linework. Although I think it's really strong stuff there are areas where the marker lines are very obvious. I know these people don't live in a world with gray and black barred skies so I hope I can count on Mr. Atherton to clean that crap up. Finish your blacks or if you think it adds depth, at least disguise it so it's not obviously marker lines.

Not much else I can complain about. I was so fixated on the truckers beard that I didn't recognize him flying through the air on page 5. There was ample visual information to make the connection but I got confused anyways, and I'm willing to take credit for that. I'm a bad reader.

Bad reader!

I did like the sfx, I thought they were well done, and the gradients really helped to add depth and to focus the eye.

All in all I see another entry that makes me wonder if a higher rating is warranted before I default to the typical 3 out of 5. If you want another point of perspective, this is my third favorite entry of the month.

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