Saturday, November 22, 2008

Late notice

Well I'm sure it would've been useful to say this earlier but I'm not convinced that there's much use in 're-reviewing' the current month of Zuda entries. So I'll start fresh with December and go from there.

I've also been mulling ideas to expand the literary content of the blog. Suggestions will be taken seriously but in the meantime I've got nothing.
Almost nothing.

I'm still in the process of moving myself into a new house, a process that will likely take many months before I find the power cord to my scanner. Once that happens it'll be time to start drawing again. I suppose I could start drawing again now but then I have to weigh those needs against the needs of installing my dishwasher.

That's a slow-burn anyways.
I'm ridiculously slow on output. In case you haven't noticed.

Still on track for a 2011 Zuda submission.


RKB said...

2011, make it happen. :)

Paul said...

totally. I've befriended a guy who has really cut through me with his criticism and I'm rethinking many aspects of my storytelling because of him. Much good learning.